Thursday, April 5, 2012

The chocolate fountain

This term we have had this thing called a chocolate fountain. It is just like a fountain but the fun thing with it is that it has chocolate coming down it. Is so cool and the best part is that you can just dip anything in it well not anything just like fruit marshmallows. It even  taste good with icecream thats if you bring a cup it taste so nice. We all had a nice day when the chocolate fountain came it just looked good to see it again this would've been my third time having it.The funnest thing was that when we first saw it in the class Melina just went w.o.w look every body it's the real chocolate fountain then she went first and she just went for a marshmallow and then she diped it in and she put it in her mouth then Melina just said that it was so nice.

The Tournaments

This term we had some Tournaments like Nucombe Ball and KO.

Firstly Nucombe Ball was pretty cool and it was fun, it was challenging we won all of our games, but lost our firstgame which was against the champions of Nucombe Ball from last year. Also which was good was that we made it to the semi finals and we vs Rm 6. We wom yyyayyy... So then it was upto the finals vs Rm 12 which means that Rm 12 beat Rm 14 the chamions of last year. Also we had to vs Rm12 which was pretty challenging and we tried our best. So we came 2nd and we have the new champions..

Also we have just been playing KO which hopefully win..

About our chocolate fountain

This term we had a chocolate fountain I couldn't wait because I haven't seen a chocolate fountain in my life when we were planing to have our chocolate fountain we had to bring chocolate or marshmallow when we had the chocolate fountain we were like going around a merry-go-round it was nice I'd injoyed it. I loved the marshmallow because it was warm and hot and it had marshmallow on it.

Have a great holiday

Reflections this year

Every week room 10 logins into our website and into mahara, mahara is a online protfolio for all your eletronic work.At the start of the term we set up our learning overview where miss warren can view all our work and add a journal entry to reflect on our week. Writing about our learning goals, challenges and acomplishes. Miss Warren will feedback on it leaving a comment for us to view and improve


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Last week of term...

Hi room 10 fans ;P,
Last week on Friday as you might have already seen we had a syndicate trip to Ngati Toa domain, it was fun.
This week we have been having a class comp and it is really fun.Our teams are year and gender groups we get points by winning games and quizzes and answering questions correctly. Tomorrow is the last day of term which I'm kinda looking forward to cause I get to see one of my best friends! Have a happy holiday!

Emma, room 10 

A great term at Tawa Intermediate

Wow what a great term I've had at Tawa Intermediate. I can't wait till we start school next term so I can come back and have another great year at Tawa Intermediate. This year in my class, which is room 10, I've had a lot of fun like on week 8 we had a yummy chocolate fountain. Everyone bought chocolate or marshmallows: delicious and also my teacher is amazing and super nice. I have had a lot of fun and I hope we have as much fun and learning as we did this term. Last week on Friday we went on a trip to Ngati Toa Domain we played game and had a water ballon fight Yay! I can't wait to come back next term and I hope that everyone has a safe, fun and happy holiday.
BY: Shirley

Syndicate Trip to Ngati Toa

Last Friday our syndicate went to Ngati Toa Domain for a school trip. We went on the trip for citizenship. We played loads of games in teams to improve our team work like: KO, Force back, Gladiators and a water ballon fight.We also had a lot of free time where we could do what ever we wanted to do like: playing with the P.E equipment, hitting each other with noodles, playing catch, rugby and soccer. I had so much fun on the trip. It was really cool.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Free Response

Ever term we do this thing called free response, what we have to do is chose a text and make it more interesting by doing things like, comic stips, games, quizzes and anything but posters because that's to boring and easy. Today we did a vote for the best one and they were Ty and Christan.
In my opinion Free Response is the best learning activity at school.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This week we went to Ngati Toa Domain for a syndicate team building day. The weather was beautiful, the kids fantastic and the games fun. Here are some of our pictures.