Thursday, April 5, 2012

The chocolate fountain

This term we have had this thing called a chocolate fountain. It is just like a fountain but the fun thing with it is that it has chocolate coming down it. Is so cool and the best part is that you can just dip anything in it well not anything just like fruit marshmallows. It even  taste good with icecream thats if you bring a cup it taste so nice. We all had a nice day when the chocolate fountain came it just looked good to see it again this would've been my third time having it.The funnest thing was that when we first saw it in the class Melina just went w.o.w look every body it's the real chocolate fountain then she went first and she just went for a marshmallow and then she diped it in and she put it in her mouth then Melina just said that it was so nice.

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