Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coffee should be banned in NZ.

Coffee should be banned in NZ right now because it is the number one most disgusting drink in the world because it takes like puke and looks like wet mud. Coffee is also a drug and drugs can stun your growth and can be highly addictive.

If your not going to ban it from NZ then ban it from the kids of NZ. It could become like smoking and people could start drinking it to look cool and impress people but really they will be ruining their lives with a drink.

As nice as coffee may be you have to think of the effects it has. Like stunning your growth and keeping you awake can be useful sometimes bu now when your kids are drinking it at 1 in the morning and bouncing around the house.

I ask you for the good of NZ will you ban coffee for good or from our kids the future of running the world?

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