Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Quality World!

Hi again rm 10 fans! :)

I'm going to tell you about the project we started working on, on Friday. On Friday we started on a project called 'My Quality World' we all got a biggish piece if paper/card and we had to draw 4 circles 1 around another each one bigger than the last. In the smallest circle we wrote either 'Me' our name or put a picture in the circle (of our selves obviously). In the second circle we wrote/drew what we are like... Naturally good at like art, reading, you get the idea. In the third circle we wrote/drew/are bringing in pictures of our family/pets, our hobbies and other stuff like that basically things that we are good at because we try in them and yeah. The finally in the fourth circle we put where we want to be in 15 years so we put like, what job we think we might have or want to have, if we think we might be married and/or have children and yeah where we might be living you get the idea. So yeah that's what we started working on on Friday! :) By Emma :P

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