Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My Diary Entry

November 1944: I'm just sitting in my filthy corner when suddenly I hear yelling through the wall and next thing you know the door was kicked open by police and Nazis. They grab me and my horrified family by our shirts and they send us to a courtyard filled with scared Jewish people into two separate lines. One heading towards a building and the other line getting on to either a train or a truck. My parents get sent towards the building and I and my 6 year old brother are getting put on a carriage with four other people. We woke up at a concentration camp where we were working hard, slept in barn yards and had very little food and water and now I wonder what is next in my journey of life.           THE END              By Kotuku

Diary Writing

We have been studying diary writing in class by reading about Anne Frank. This is Troy's diary as he imagines he is in her position.

Dear Diary

Today it is very scary because every footstep might be a Nazi with a gun and a knife on the end. All I hear is gun fire and people talking. People I don't know are coming up to me. I would not like to be captured by the Nazis because I will be sent to a concentration camp or prison. I wish I could stay in the house but I might get caught one day. Gun fire, tanks and then foot steps ...