Monday, July 30, 2012


My Free Response Week Video

Last week for Reading we did a free response week where we pick a text and we create a product showing our knowledge of the text, eg poster or speech. My text was about after images and light,
Click on the link below to have a look at it enjoy!

Miriamas Free response video

Friday, July 20, 2012

Inter-class tournament!

Ok, Guys!
In the inter-class tournament we are winning by 20 POINTS! That means we are finally beating Poukai! We came second in the nucomeball, not sure what we came in K.O and we have just started dodgeball tournament this week and unfortunately lost our first came against room 17...

Though we lost one game in the nucomeball tournament and still came second (of course!).

Our class is 6th out of the whole school which is a reeeaaaallly big improvment from last year where we came last in pretty much everything and only won one game in the whole year!

By Emma and Shania :)
Hello, everyone this term our topic is keeping ourselves safe from all types of abuse because sadly it happens  
but this topic is to make us aware of it and identify types of abuse. It is a sad but serious topic which none of us are taking lightly. Miss Warren read us a stories and we had to write down the best option to do for the current problem, eg: A boy was baby sitting and the baby is sick and he couldn't get hold of the parents 
the best option would be to call 111.