Saturday, August 4, 2012

Paragraph Writing

This week we have been practising writing paragraphs. A paragraph should have a main idea supported by interesting detail. It should be 3-5 sentences long. Here are some of our best ones.

Dodgeball is the best sport because it allows you to release your anger into the ball or to hit someone you hate. Also it makes your arms stronger and more flexible. The longer you play dodgeball it helps your accuracy and makes it easier to hit your target.

School uniform should be yellow because if you spill banana down your front, you can't see it. It is also a light colour so you would not get as hot in the summer. Finally, we will all look like bananas!

Dodgeball should be in the Olympics because it's fun, entertaining and of course awesome. I like dodgeball because you get to throw balls and also hit people in the head. I call that HPTH. The last thing I am going to talk about is that boys like to hit boys with stuff so it helps with their anger management.

Chocolate has the best flavour because it has a rich taste and makes a nice coat on chocolate bars such as Snickers. Chocolate is a favourite around the world and that's it!

Kakapo is the best syndicate because we work together and you can't get anywhere without teamwork. Also, sport is a big deal in Kakapo. We are currently in first place in the league, not because we are the best but because we practise and get on with it. One more reason is that we are really friendly.

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