Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The face is square with a load of pointy,yellow,old,cracked teeth and a very pointy tongue.The skin is green and old . It's skin has strange shapes in it.The eyes are bloodshot with bright red veins,both eyes are bruised,the left eye is bruised a lot and the other is bruised just a bit.

Our bug can only eat white truffle's,which are really rare,if he dosen't eat for a week he falls into a deep deep sleep for a month.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More poems

My favourite person is me
I amas sweet as a pea
I like to swim in the sea
I have my veryown key
My favourite person is me
By Ciara
Ice Cream
Melts in my mouth
Goody goody gum drops
Is my favourite ice cream
By Maddy


We have been looking at rhythm and rhyme in poems. Here are some we have written:

My Cinquain
The rain
falls from the sky
as the storm thunders and
creeps through every window with a loud noise.

I have a person close to my heart
shes very sweet, as sweet as a tart
she makes me proud
standing away up in the cloud
even though shes special to me
and makes me feel like royalty
I miss her though so very much
she still with me
so close with a touch

I have a pet bear
and it really really cared
about where i went and where i go
and now i care about the bear.

Lego when I go to England I might go to Lego city.
I might get to build a shopping mall
with Lego people. 
I could get a big Lego box.

Emma's poem

My best friend is Katie
She likes funny songs
We both wear skinny jeans
and our favourite place is home
We are always happy
and like the colour blue
She likes spaghetti and I do to!

Ben's Poem

That cheese.... Stands in the way.... right infront of the sun... bright yellow glowing like a glowstick.
That cheese.....
My mother is so funny. Her hair is as soft as a baby bunny. She looks after me like how I look after her. I love her so much nothing could stop that love no not a single touch.......