Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We have been looking at rhythm and rhyme in poems. Here are some we have written:

My Cinquain
The rain
falls from the sky
as the storm thunders and
creeps through every window with a loud noise.

I have a person close to my heart
shes very sweet, as sweet as a tart
she makes me proud
standing away up in the cloud
even though shes special to me
and makes me feel like royalty
I miss her though so very much
she still with me
so close with a touch

I have a pet bear
and it really really cared
about where i went and where i go
and now i care about the bear.

Lego when I go to England I might go to Lego city.
I might get to build a shopping mall
with Lego people. 
I could get a big Lego box.

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